Natural Health

So this is something quite a lot of people in my life don’t understand.

I like to follow a more holistic and natural approach to my health.

When I have a head ache, or just don’t feel right I never reach for the overly-used ibuprofen or paracetamol. I only take pharmaceutical drugs when I’m in too much pain to handle (which thankfully isn’t very often at all). Instead I like to reduce it with natural products or just bear through the pain. This is when people often remark; “Why don’t you just take a tablet? Why suffer?”.

I believe that pharmaceutical drugs only cover the symptoms, and don’t actually address what’s causing the problem. Surely the symptoms will only keep on arising as long as the root of your pain isn’t addressed?

Here’s an example; I class caffeine as a drug. It affects our body when consumed. So the other day I was feeling incredibly lethargic. At work I could hardly keep my eyes open and no matter how much I slept, I was exhausted. When I mentioned this a lot of people just said “Have a cup of coffee”. I understand that this will improve my symptoms right now, but once it wears off I will be right back at square one. I picked up on some other symptoms such as bruising easily and paler lips. I knew that I was lacking iron. I went straight to the ol’ trusty Holland & Barrett and picked up some iron vitamins. Within a day my symptoms had been abolished. Completely resolved. I now knew to consume more iron rich food (dark chocolate here I come). Instead of covering over my tiredness with caffiene, I cured my lethargy completely.

I picked up 100 15mg Iron tablets from Holland & Barrett for £7.59. They also include small doses of other vitamins and minerals such as; Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and many more.

Here are a couple more natural products I’ve been loving lately.

Evening Primrose Oil. This stuff is great for reducing PMS and helping to balance out hormones. I bought this from Neil’s Yard for £9.50. Incredibly expensive considering you only get 30ml. I actually ran out the other day so I’ve got to re-splurge, definitely somewhere cheaper though that’s for sure. This is a great alternative to other hormone based medicine such as the contraceptive pill (for balancing hormones that is, not protection against pregnancy).

Green Rooibos tea. This was a complete random buy as it was on offer for £1 in, you guessed it, Holland & Barrett. Tea is fantastic for clear skin, a clear mind, and a hydrated body. Rooibos tea is actually made from an African bush so isn’t technically a tea. It is known for its abilities to clear up skin, reduce stress and even fight cancer. Although it’s not known if it’s actually better than green tea, it’s a great little mix up if your daily green tea is getting rather repetitive. I imagine the pure Rooibos loose tea leaves are even better, give it a try. Maybe this could reduce your need for anti-anxiety medication or skin-clearing medicine.
So what’s the point of this blog post? Well hopefully I’ve inspired you to question your drug taking. Instead of just popping pills and thinking nothing of it, question if there’s something different you could do that’s better for you, your mind, and better ethically. Taking a few minutes to research online about your symptoms and any natural cures is definitely worth a try.

Let me know of any natural medication you take.


I purchased this cold-pressed evening primrose oil from Holland & Barrett for £23.99. Yes, very expensive. But, I am getting 120ml rather than 30ml. All in the name of health hey?


My Ecological Encounter

After leaving University and having a month of much needed rest, I decided (or so my bank account did) that I needed to begin earning an income once again – especially with Christmas right around the corner.

I’m now employed at a temporary ice rink of which I work the bar, reception and marshall the ice.

Whilst handing out skates to customers, my colleague called over an older man. He was interested in the book that the older man was holding as he believed it was one he’d read.

It wasn’t the same one but was in fact a book about ecology. This gentleman then went on to tell me how he’s writing a book himself. I asked what about, and he replied that it’s about the relationship between children and nature. He mentioned that he had previously studied a PhD on the relationship between adults and nature. He believes that our connection with nature is vital, and we need to revert back to our childlike selves to rekindle this special bond with nature itself. It is something we lose as we grow due to being dismissed and ‘told off’ as children for expressing these behaviours.

Image result for nature and humans

I found this man very inspiring  (of which my colleagues found very strange, I could tell from their facial expressions). Not only was this because he’s indulging himself into something quite exquisite, and attaining one of my ultimate goals of writing his own book, but because of something very relevant in my life right now.

Higher education.

He only recently attained his PhD after wanting to study it since the 1970s. I asked if he wished he’d done it earlier, but he answered no. He was very glad that he had waited. He continued to explain that the reason behind why it was better that he’d completed it as an older man, was because he didn’t feel the pressure that consumes young adults. There was no rush, he could truly apprecite his studies for all that they were.

This man was living proof that there’s no age limit or time scale to achieve your goals. I could tell that there was a fire inside of him being fueled by his passion – more passion than I’ve ever seen anyone else hold.

No Importance

What other’s see of you visually is of no importance.

What you see of yourself visually, is again, of no importance.

The features you were born with are irrelevant.

They do not equal your worth or your happiness.

They simply help others differentiate you from other’s.

They help the people who want your company, your love and your laughter, to find you.

These people know you as what counts.

Your soul, your energy and your impact on their lives.

These are immaterial parts of your being.

Others can’t see them with their eyes, and neither can you.

Humankind can’t see loyalty, friendliness or selflessness.

We see a body that simply holds these characteristics.

The characteristics that everybody loves so deeply.

Remove from your mind any thoughts about your optical anatomy.

You are wasting your time.

Replace them with valuable thoughts, questions and dreams.

Make room for goals that can be achieved.

Goals that add to your happiness and identity.

Because you are capable of so much more than your aesthetics.

Aesthetics are of no value, and you are incredibly valuable.

Who you are is what can’t be seen,

And everything else is of no importance.

– Victoria Howell