Relieve Your Anxiety

Anxiety is completely and utterly normal. It is an emotion just like anger or happiness – every single person holds it. But, there’s a cut-off point. Once anxiety begins to impact your quality of life, that’s when it is no longer ‘normal’. That, ladies and gentleman, is when it’s a problem. I watched a video about anxiety earlier, and the presenter described anxiety being like … Continue reading Relieve Your Anxiety


I’ve never been one to need or even want love. In fact I was never actually interested in boys properly until age 18 when I met someone. The majority of my peers entered relationships at school and I watched as they partook in arguments, fights and break-ups. I never understood the pain they went through and didn’t think that I’d ever experience it. Strangely, I … Continue reading Solo

Ego Boost / Kristen Davies

‘It was his ego that needed a boost, and he used other women for that because he wasn’t emotionally or intellectually developed enough to boost himself. He was still trapped in a cycle of thinking he needed someone to make him feel happy. He needed to use other women to boost his self-esteem.’ Parts taken from When Someone Cheats or Mistreats You, It’s About Them, … Continue reading Ego Boost / Kristen Davies

It’s Not A Competition / Victoria Howell

I can no longer cope under this pressure. This surely can’t be it. Life must improve. My mind made up of toxic and camparative thoughts surely can’t be the ultimate. I lust for the days I achieve for me. The days I reach, not to get one up or to be better than. But to make me happy. Competition doesn’t make me thrive. This mindset … Continue reading It’s Not A Competition / Victoria Howell