My September Favourites 2017

Hola, It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded and I can only apologise. Quite a bit has happened the last month or so, including working on a farm for a month, starting a new job at a print house and attempting to plan out my future. Since I’ve been away I’ve gained a whole new collection of items I’ve been loving, so here they are. … Continue reading  My September Favourites 2017

February Favourites 2017

I have never done anything like this before, but why not. I’m going to list my ‘favourites’ this month. I found these questions on Creativity Prompt’s website, but I’ve made some alterations. 1 What is your favourite book? Tuesdays with Morrie. Although I haven’t actually read this book yet, I got this for my birthday and I’m so excited to read it. 2. What is your … Continue reading February Favourites 2017