It’s Not A Competition / Victoria Howell

I can no longer cope under this pressure. This surely can’t be it. Life must improve. My mind made up of toxic and camparative thoughts surely can’t be the ultimate. I lust for the days I achieve for me. The days I reach, not to get one up or to be better than. But to make me happy. Competition doesn’t make me thrive. This mindset … Continue reading It’s Not A Competition / Victoria Howell

No Importance / Victoria Howell

What other’s see of you visually is of no importance. What you see of yourself visually, is again, of no importance. The features you were born with are irrelevant. They do not equal your worth or your happiness. They simply help others differentiate you from other’s. They help the people who want your company, your love and your laughter, to find you. These people know you as what … Continue reading No Importance / Victoria Howell