22500824_763160580557276_1429232698_nMente grato is Italian for grateful mind (Google likes to translate it to ‘mind grateful’, but let’s just ignore that).

I’m a great believer that being grateful is the answer to all happiness. It’s an incredibly difficult art to master; especially when it seems like nothing in life is going the way we want it to, which leads us to only focus on the most unpleasant attributions of the situation. I mean we’re humans after all. We all seem to be negatively hard-wired – just look at the news.
My lecturer gave me a perfect example the other day, although completely off topic. She mentioned that youth crime has decreased by over 73% in the last 10 years. But, you’d never have thought that, would you? You never hear this type of positive information in the news! Scaremongering and all that I guess. But you’ve got to ask, how are we ever going to think positively of our society if we only bring awareness and attention to the negativity? We can’t. And this is the same with life. Be a pessimist and you’ll believe that your life isn’t great at all. Or, be an optimist and you’ll be so happy with what you have got, that you won’t have time to focus on the less desirable aspects of your life, which will lead to a much happier and content mind. Gratitude is everything.

Ok, rant over (Actually not just yet. I strongly recommend The Gratitude Diaries: How A Year Of Living Gratefully Changed My Life by Janice Kaplan – Although written by a lady quite a few years older than myself, I was able to transfer her message into the issues I was facing in my own life. You can buy it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gratitude-Diaries-Living-Gratefully-Changed/dp/1473619300), I’ll go on to explain what this blog is all about.

I don’t have a specific path of where this blog is heading, but know it will consist of posts relating to mental health, happiness and the difficulties of life in general – all relating to my own experiences in hopes it may help.



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