My Design Inspirations


I spotted this magazine on the shelf of a newspaper stand in Asda. I was drawn to it’s clean, modern style and beautiful imagery. As soon as I opened the magazine, I began walking back to the check-outs. I am not interested in surfing, I have never tried it. But, I found the style of this magazine very unique and inspiring. It now sits next to my bed to remind me of the kind of pieces I could one day be working on. Wavelength magazine is based in Newquay, Cornwall aka the home of surfing. I have taken several images of my copy of the magazine, only including my favourite pages.




Bobbie Burgers is a female artist that I found via Pinterest. I LOVE flowers and plants. So much so, that I incorporate them in the majority of my designs. As someone who has previously worked with acrylic paints, I can appreciate the talent needed to create these pieces of art. I believe in the use of bright and bold colours. Although they are mainly used as ‘feature’ colours, Burgers has created all of her work using statement colours. This creates an uplifting and happy feeling when viewing her art. This is a feeling I would love others feel when witnessing my designs.



I also found Yener Torun through Pinterest. Photography and architecture (it was chosen topic for AS Level Fine Art) are two elements I adore, so when mixed, it’s only right for me to love it. As someone who is actively taking pictures, I am able to appreciate Torun’s fantastic composition and colour use. The detail and balance of his photographs are immaculate, and inspire me to create designs that produce the same amount of satisfaction when viewed.


Karin Novak Neal paints tropical trees, plants, and flowers. Being someone who loves colour and the use of plants in my designs, Neal’s work inspires me incredibly. Her work is very unique, and the colours she uses are positive and tropically this artist inspires me to carry on creating unique designs that I love.



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