It’s Not A Competition / Victoria Howell

I can no longer cope under this pressure.

This surely can’t be it.

Life must improve.

My mind made up of toxic and camparative thoughts surely can’t be the ultimate.

I lust for the days I achieve for me.

The days I reach, not to get one up or to be better than.

But to make me happy.

Competition doesn’t make me thrive.

This mindset does not make me flourish.

This lifestyle does not cause me to blossom.

So I quit.

I retire.

I’m no longer a competitor.

I no longer race against my peers.

I no longer compete for victory of being ‘the best’.

Because if ‘the best’ is just this but more intensified, I don’t want it.

Keep your prize.

I’ll create my own.

A prize that I can share.

A prize that we all want to hold.

A prize called eternal happiness.




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