No Importance / Victoria Howell

What other’s see of you visually is of no importance.

What you see of yourself visually, is again, of no importance.

The features you were born with are irrelevant.

They do not equal your worth or your happiness.

They simply help others differentiate you from other’s.

They help the people who want your company, your love and your laughter, to find you.

These people know you as what counts.

Your soul, your energy and your impact on their lives.

These are immaterial parts of your being.

Others can’t see them with their eyes, and neither can you.

Humankind can’t see loyalty, friendliness or selflessness.

We see a body that simply holds these characteristics.

The characteristics that everybody loves so deeply.

Remove from your mind any thoughts about your optical anatomy.

You are wasting your time.

Replace them with valuable thoughts, questions and dreams.

Make room for goals that can be achieved.

Goals that add to your happiness and identity.

Because you are capable of so much more than your aesthetics.

Aesthetics are of no value, and you are incredibly valuable.

Who you are is what can’t be seen,

And everything else is of no importance.




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